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WPC Decking

What is WPC Decking? Let Us Tell You All About It

WPC decking, or wood plastic composite decking, is a type of decking that is composed of wood fibre and thermoplastics. The plastic used can be any of several types, like PVC, PE, PP, or similar. WPC decking, which is readily available in the UltraShield range, is made up of 95% recycled plastic. In this particular range, plastic bottles and wood fibre are used. And that is why we are so excited about the UltraShield range at NewTechWood. We strongly believe in building decks and adding value to your home the green way. We even go as far as having annual, third-party audits performed to ensure that our products are always inline with regulations and laws regarding environmental friendliness, health, and safety.

As a result of our environmentally friendly product range, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint and waste, conserve energy, and you benefit from a decking product that is truly sustainable. That means that when you choose UltraShield composite decking at NewTechWood, you are choosing to be kind to the environment too.

WPC decking is not a new concept. It has been available for some time and because of its durability and the maintenance benefits, we are confident that it is going to be around for a long time. Being made from recycled plastic bottles, you can expect WPC decking to last a lifetime. It is designed to withstand long-term exposure to the elements with no discernible adverse effects and you will not even have to waste those sunny days laboriously varnishing and treating a wooden deck to keep it in good nick.

A seemingly small, yet highly valued benefit of our composite decking is also that it is snag-proof and splinter-free, which means that you can trust the deck to be easy on feet, and those of your pets, kids, and visitors too. It has great appeal too, which means that the moment you install your new deck, you are adding value to your home and you can expect buyers to be willing to pay more for it when the time comes to sell. It is a win-win situation for homeowners and buyers alike.

So, what is the fuss about WPC decking? It is a decking solution for those who are environmentally aware and place value on a top-quality decking product that comes with a 25-year limited residential warranty. Need more information and advice on having a new deck designed and installed for your home? Simply contact us via email and telephone at NewTechWood today and one of our experts will assist you further.

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