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The ultrashield advantage

Ultrashield ®

The co-extruded advantage

25 Year
10 Year

UltraShield capped composite technology features a fully capped co-extruded shield around the composite core which gives complete protection from scratches, stains and fading.


1. co-Extruded cap

UltraShield co-extruded capstock and patented formula provides striking colour and deep wood grains. This shield encases all four sides to give absolute protection from the harshest conditions

2. US53 Solid Board

The US53 solid board is our standard decking board which suits our local conditions perfectly where decks are often installed close to the ground

3. Composite core

Our composite core allows for less expansion and contraction. This core uses course wood fibers for greater strength and durability

Evolutionary Performance

Patented shield formula provides color streaking and deep wood grains that bring you the warmth and beauty of wood without the hassle.

Capped Composite Decking

High-performance shell resists stains and mold better than traditional composites.

Fine Grained Textures

UltraShield is simply the most natural looking synthetic decking product ever.