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Helping you to make green design choices


NewTechWood reacted to the growing public concern for environmental sustainability by providing consumers with innovative building materials from a sustainable process.

NewTechWood® ’s foundation was built upon the following green principles and values:

  • Products are made from 95% recycled materials, including plastic bottles and reclaimed wood fibers
  • Yearly third party audits to comply with environmental, health, and safety guidelines and regulations
  • Reducing our carbon footprint through waste reduction, energy conservation, and utilizing an optimum process

Our parent company has been recycling plastic materials for almost 30 years. Every month we save over 12,000,000 pounds of plastic from being buried in our landfills forever. Since we control the entire recycling process, including the proper washing, sorting and screening for impurities, we know exactly what material is going into our products.

Total vertical integration of our manufacturing process allows us total control, for consistent quality, and color. It also allows us to manage our material costs for stable pricing, and dependable product availability.