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Looking for Decking Companies in Gauteng?

Are you shopping around for decking companies in the Gauteng area? You have come to just the right place. Our decks add value to your property and to your life, but we do not just sell decks that will look beautiful now; we sell and install decks that are designed to add value to your life well into the future too. Sadly, not all decking companies are the same and offer the same quality or level of service that you might be looking for and as such, it remains as vitally important as ever for you to choose your decking company with care.

What sets us apart from other decking companies in the Gauteng area is our determination to provide our clients with the type of service excellence and product quality that they are happy to show off and brag about. We understand that your new deck is not just a temporary novelty and as such, it needs to look good and be of an exceptional quality at the same time. Beauty has to be more than skin-deep.

We highly recommend that you consider installing our UltraShield composite decking if you are looking for a decking product that does not wear easily and is built to withstand harsh South African weather conditions. We have great faith in the UltraShield decking range and these decks look every bit as good as they are. There is nothing inferior or cheapskate about this premium product and best of all, it looks just like real wood, but without the traditional disadvantages. There is none of the fuss and effort involved as would be the case with real wood, which means that with a composite deck, you really do get to benefit from the best of both worlds. Imagine enjoying a beautiful looking deck that requires no varnish or treatments all year ‘round, does not fade, peel, or splinter and is not easily damage by chairs and outside furniture. It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t.

With UltraShield composite decking, you will feel the difference both under your feet and in your wallet. This product is designed to make gorgeous decking available to everyone and we are proud to stock and install it.

Would you like to learn more about our decking range at NewTechWood? Are you tired of being disappointed by high prices and inferior quality products offered by other decking companies? Get in touch with us at and we will present you with a range that will not just impress you now; it will continue to impress you for years to come.


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