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Composite Decks

Composite Decks – The Best Home Improvement Project for your Home this Year

If you want to do a bit of useful home improvement this year, but don’t know where to start, maybe you should take a look at the outside areas of the home. Why not add value to your home by creating an entertainment area that will be the envy of your family, neighbours, and friends? Composite decks might seem all the rage at the moment, but they’re not just that. They’re a real investment that will add value to your property and boost its kerb appeal. More importantly, you will better enjoy socialising and relaxing at home. What could be more convenient that having your very own deck on off days and those long, languid weekends?

composite decksWe have encountered many homeowners who want to invest in a deck without spending a small fortune. Many don’t believe it’s possible, but with the composite decks available from the UltraShield range, it actually is. This range of decking is designed to offer the homeowner an alternative to installing a genuine wooden deck. And it’s not just an alternative… it’s so much more than that. It’s the best possible option. Why? Because even though composite decking looks like real wood, it’s where the similarity ends. Unlike real wood, it won’t require expensive treatments or ongoing maintenance.

Underfoot you can expect the decking to be comfortable and, importantly, splinter-free. The deck surface offers an exceptionally comfortable walking surface as well. It’s the outside surface to enjoy any time and that’s just what any comfortable home needs. With a 25-year warranty against fading, stains, and scratches, it’s also the only decking product to offer such exceptional performance at such a low price. What’s more is the fact that UltraShield capstock is engineered to resist mould growth, and that’s both convenient and healthy.

The patented shield formula also provides colour streaking and deep wood grains for a more natural wood look and feel. Each deck board is also reversible, which means that you have two natural, reversible finishes / textures to choose from. If you’re worried about how easy it is to install, don’t be. It’s simplicity itself, especially with the ultra-lock hidden fastening system which holds everything neatly in place. Each panel secures with colour-matched screws and features the option of a grooved or shouldered profile for a more uniform finish.

If you would like to learn more about our range of wooden decks, waste no more time. Simply get in touch with us via email or telephone for more product information, advice or quotations today.

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