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Composite Decking with Warranty

UltraShield Composite Decking Has a 25-Year Warranty. Find Out More Here

It is not just with the start of 2017 that composite decking has enjoyed renewed attention compared the previously popular genuine wooden decking. In fact, composite decking has already started to become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for many legitimate reasons. It is not a new product either; it has been used to transform homes for quite some time already.

You see, the novelty of having a genuine wooden deck tends to fade when you realise just how much maintenance and upkeep are required over the lifetime of the product. And, like any natural product, real wooden decks have a limited lifespan. Composite decking, however, is covered by a 25year warranty (or even longer!) and it is designed to last, come rain or shine. In fact, it will impose very little on you in terms of maintenance and upkeep demands. Simply install it and enjoy it. That being said, it is blatantly obvious why so many people have opted to invest in this particular type of decking product.

composite decksComposite decking is growing in popularity and may just be the perfect product for your home and entertainment area. The composite range from UltraShield is very popular and happy clients are simply blown away by this product. Its long lifespan and extended warranty are one thing, but the fact that you will never have to varnish or treat the surface is a huge advantage and not one to be overlooked.  What is more is that the product  promises to be snag- and splinter-free. Other great benefits of opting for UltraShield composite decking include, but are not limited to:

  • It looks just like real wood, so no one has to know that it is in fact not. Each panel has a two-sided finish, which means that you can choose from two different finishes or textures and you can reverse the panels at will.

  • The decking panels are resistant to fading, scratches, and stains.

  • 95% of the product is made from recycled materials, which means that you can feel good about gaining a gorgeous entertainment area while doing your bit for the environment.

  • The deck is quick and easy to install with the Ultra-Lock hidden fastening system. Simply fasten the panels together. You will not have to nail and hammer each piece in place.

Do you need even more reasons to invest in our composite decking with its 25-year warranty? Waste no more time. Get in touch with us via email or telephone at NewTechWood to discuss your options and our rates today.

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