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Plastic Decking

Plastic Decking Offers You All the Perks of a Wooden Deck Without the Expense and Hassles

You might think that installing a wooden deck is a great idea because these decks look great, but wait until you are faced with the expense and frustration of ongoing maintenance, and then there’s the concern that it will splinter and fade too. If you want to enjoy the beauty of a real wooden deck without being saddled with the associated expense and troubles, plastic decking is the answer. More the point, UltraShield composite plastic decking is the best possible answer for any home. Not only is this type of decking an environmentally friendly option (as the material is made from recycled plastic bottles), but it is also a durable material that will last you a lifetime.

In fact, there are many advantages to opting for plastic decking. A big draw card is that you can really be at ease on your new deck. Have you ever walked barefoot on a wooden deck and collected an excruciating splinter or snagged yourself on an uneven joint? Plastic decking is snag-proof. It won’t splinter or crack and best of all, you won’t have to do much to keep it looking beautiful. The maintenance demands are truly minimal and if you get your plastic deck from us, we’ll ensure that you get a 25-year limited residential warranty included With a subtle mix of colour tones and hues, your UltraShield deck will be the envy of your neighbours, family, and friends.

The UltraShield range perfectly combines science and nature to bring you the type of decking quality and comfort that you can feel. We are confident that our decking material will bring new life to your outside space. You can expect it to add immediate value to your property and to quickly become the favourite spot in the home for the family to congregate, relax, and unwind.

We present a range of the finest quality decking options on the market. We understand that you don’t want the exact same deck design as everyone else, but you do want the best possible quality that your money can afford. It’s with this in mind that we will send a representative to visit your property to advise on possible deck designs and to provide you with more advice on the UltraShield plastic decking range.

For more information and advice on your options for a plastic deck that looks and feels just like real wood, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or telephone at NewTechWood today.


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