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Composite Decking Experts

Composite Decking Experts Will Tell You Why to Choose Composite Over Wood

Composite decking experts will tell you that with the right composite product, you can enjoy the beauty and appeal of real wood, without having to pay the high price for it, or having to deal with the maintenance wood demands. What makes composite decking the top choice of homeowners the world over? First and foremost, composite decking looks like the real thing and this not only increases the value of your property, but ups its aesthetic appeal as well.

With the UltraShield range of composite decking products, you will love your garden and outside area; in fact, everyone will! Once it is installed, you will invariably find that composite decking is far more durable than timber and it has additional benefits, like being splinter- and snag-free, waterproof, and slip-resistant too. If you have been looking for a product that is durable, practical and safe for the home and eminently family-friendly, composite decking is the obvious choice.

Unfortunately, not many homeowners put enough thought into what what life will be like after they had installed their new deck. If your family is young and growing, it will more than likely be subjected to the rigours of bicycles, parties, braais, pets, children, and so much more. It is likely to be situated in a space that is exposed to the sun and rain; being exposed to the elements is certainly an important factor to consider.

Luckily, composite decking is guaranteed to withstand this sort of lifestyle. In fact, it is well suited to every type of lifestyle. It will also do well when exposed to the sun, wind, and rain without needing to be varnished or treated, unlike wood. Now that is convenient and a great way to cut back on home maintenance costs without suffering in terms of overall appeal. Low maintenance, affordable, and with a 25-year limited warranty in residential areas and 10-year limited warranty in commercial areas, composite ticks all the right boxes.

What makes the UltraShield range so exceptional is that its composite decking has a difference. One of the most attractive features is the twin, reversible finish (you will have a choice of 2 textures). Of course, the tough composite core ensures less expansion and contraction and the co-extruded cap stock is offered in natural colours and deep wood grains.

If you would like to learn more about our extensive range of composite decking, take the time to chat to our experts. We are available via email and telephone and would love to assist you with planning and installing your new deck. Waste no more time shopping around when the best decking products can be found right here! Chat to the decking experts at NewTechWood today.


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